Corporate Citizenship

Global organizations are not measured on the basis of profit and loss alone. They are also measured on how they serve the communities and world in which they operate. GP Strategies Corporation was founded in 1966 on the basis of improving service and human achievement, so being a good corporate citizen is part of our DNA.

We are dedicated to making an impact through our commitment to social responsibility. We see our business choices as a way to also increase our service and accountability to the world.

From creating new jobs that support local economies to outreach to communities in need, we have developed sustainable strategies that not only fuel our portfolio, but more importantly, also help improve the world around us.


People Focused

GP Strategies serves individuals by offering everything from energy-saving telework programs to employee development, safety, and health improvement initiatives.


Community Connected

By matching employees’ charitable contributions, supporting volunteerism among our staff, and providing pandemic preparedness services to our clients, we create an impact both locally and globally.


Globally Conscious

From helping businesses establish sustainable practices to building alternative fueling stations, participating in chemical demilitarization, and developing waste-reducing technologies, GP Strategies helps the world become a little greener.

See how our initiatives make a meaningful impact around the globe.

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