How Managed Learning Services Partners Are Preparing Organizations for the Future | TrainingIndustry

The world is changing at an increasingly rapid pace, and how we learn is changing with it. The predominance of social and content platforms, the endless uses of cloud and digital technologies, and the promises of new solutions from emerging companies are changing the way we conduct business, hear and share ideas, and learn – both personally and at work.

As a direct result, corporate learning organizations are also transforming. As employees become proficient at consuming information and learning outside of work, their expectations of learning in the workplace are also changing. Now, employees expect learning to be available at their time of need, in the amount they need and on the technologies they use every day. If learning organizations fail to account for this need, the effectiveness of their learning and development programs will stagnate, along with the value they bring to the business. You can future-proof your managed learning services with GP Strategies and TrainingIndustry.

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