Mind Over Matter: Leadership Mindsets and Actions to Drive Results | CLO

A leader’s mindset might be one of the greatest predictors of success and also one of the most elusive elements to pin down. Leadership happens in the nuanced shifts that occur first in the leader’s mind. But how is something that happens in a leader’s head measured? Is there a way to identify the skills that indicate a leader has adopted the mindset required to be successful?

If we can bring a different attitude to our role as a leader, if we can shift our mindset, we can impact our behaviors. And our behaviors, in turn, can alter our attitude long-term. But if actions speak louder than words, how do we isolate the actions the best leaders take when they are embodying a particular mindset? As a follow-up to research conducted by GP Strategies in 2018, additional analysis was conducted and presented in the report, “From Mindset to Skillset: The Thoughts and Actions of Successful Leaders.” Following are some takeaways from that research and analysis.

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