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I find myself using the phrase “technology stack” frequently when talking to my colleagues and clients. Not only does it have a cool “edge” to it, but it evokes a pretty clear picture when asking the question, “What technologies are you using in your learning organization to help meet your goals?”

Everyone wishes there were one silver bullet that did it all, but in reality, there’s not. Otherwise, we’d all be using it. Everyone also wishes that when vetting and investigating learning technologies, he or she could find clear answers on what that technology does well and what the real level of effort is beyond implementation. What tends to happen instead is that many organizations don’t understand the true features and limitations of a technology until implementation is well underway.

When it comes to learning technologies, entrepreneurs identify a gap in the market, bring together some coding and marketing expertise, and voila – a new learning technology is born! When asked, “How do you see your technology fit into the overall learner ecosystem?”, the answers are varied, but many of these providers see themselves as an alternative to the learning management system (LMS).

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