The Underlying Issues of Skills Gaps: How to Address What Really Drives Performance | Training Industry

Determining if it’s a Skills Gap

Sales in the specialty widgets department have dropped at Acme Widgets. While a steady stream of shoppers enters the store looking to satisfy their specialized needs, they are purchasing fewer high-end and customized widgets, especially since Acme introduced its revolutionary new wonder widget line.

After examining the data, the company’s executives conclude that their associates have a skills gap. They call their training partner and ask for a more robust product and sales training initiative tailored to wonder widgets. The associates take the course and apply it to their jobs, but even then, specialty widget shoppers are leaving the store empty-handed. What went wrong?

When is a skills gap not a skills gap? Probably more often than you think. That is why it is important to learn how to identify skills gaps accurately.

Sometimes, it’s not the skill that’s missing but the understanding of how to apply that skill. Other factors might be at play that impact the efficacy of the skill. If you jump immediately to “skills gap,” you may miss underlying issues that continue to hamper your progress.

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