Derek Levandowski

Derek Levandowski is a Field Marketing Specialist with GP Strategies, focused on Technology Adoption and Human Capital Management Services.He joined the GP Strategies team in February 2017 after three years with Maverick Solutions, a Division of GP Strategies. A New York native, he currently resides in Wake Forest, North Carolina with his wife Melissa.
Derek Levandowski

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Software Updates Are Coming to Town: And You Should Probably Have a...

They might come when you are sleeping, they might come when you’re awake, but software updates are most definitely coming to town. In the glory days of floppy disks and even CDs, software updates usually needed to be installed manually

Five Items That Should Be on Your Change Management Checklist for 2019

As we approach the end of 2018, many of you are probably planning business transformations for the New Year. However, the loftier the goals, the more care needs to be given to the process in achieving them. Here are five

Using Your New Technology as an Opportunity to Create an Agile, Fluid,...

You have done your due diligence and examined both the needs of your organization and the strengths of potential enterprise systems. You have made your selection and begun to implement your solution – now what? To get the most out

The Evolution of ERP Training

Historically, ERP training had a much longer shelf life than it does in today’s fast-paced, cloud-driven world. The needs of the user in a system delivered via subscription have evolved, and training itself has been forced to evolve at the

Eight Common Mistakes Organizations Make With ERP Training

Implementing a new ERP system can be an imposing task for any organization, no matter how big or small. Make sure that your organization achieves the maximum return on investment by also investing in your people! A competent and trained

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