Ellen Kumar

Ms. Kumar is a Solution Architect with GP Strategies, and has served in roles ranging from Account Executive, to Operations Director, to Project Manager/Training Consultant. Prior to GP Strategies, she worked for University of Dayton Research Institute and GE Aircraft Engines (now GE Aerospace). She holds an M.S. in Materials Science & Engineering from University of Dayton.

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Superuser Collaboration Tools: A Wish List

 “I wish…” Superusers are the glue that keeps an organization informed, knowledgeable, and ready to adopt new business processes. “Superuser” is a title that’s typically in addition to one’s regular job: What resources can we provide to superusers to ensure

Workplace Predilections: The Next Generation (Next Gen)

How do you refer to our youngest generation? Next Gen, Gen Z, iGen, Centennials, and Gen We are all monikers that have been proposed. As they emerge as a presence in the workplace, learning leaders must consider their preferences as

What’s Your Secret Weapon for Supporting Multi-generational Needs in a Digital World?

Super user Soo’- per yoo’- zer noun Expert on a new process, typically in a workplace setting. “When our company’s digital transformation was happening, super users were the ones who answered questions from frustrated employees. Super users aren’t a substitute

Webinar Q&A | Digital Transformation

Companies are revolutionizing how they run their business by embarking on a digital transformation in an era that is deemed the “digital age.” While technology decisions and implications are at the forefront of their execution strategy, it is crucial not to

Digital Transformation: The Necessary Shift in Organizational Change Management

In the latest edition of our series on Digital Transformation techniques we will describe the necessary shift in Organizational Change Management – from project-based activities to a more fluid approach, when there’s no “go-live stake” in the ground. Traditional Organizational

How Digital Transformation Will Impact Generations in the Workplace

In the latest edition of our series on Digital Transformation, we will compare and contrast learning approaches used to capture the attention of the various generations in the workplace. We’ll discuss learning preferences of each generation and possible strategies to

Digital Transformation as Seen through the Lens of Your People

In the latest edition of our series on the Human Side of Digital Transformation, we are going to address how workplace agility, commitment, and coaching/collaboration may enable your people and organization to achieve greater digital literacy and productivity. Workplace Agility

The Human Side of Digital Transformation

In the first of our four-part education series on the human side of digital transformation, we are going to discuss the basics of digital transformation, introduce smart data, and discuss the impact of cloud on your front-line workers. Digital Transformation

It’s Not Too Late For Summertime Enrichment

August marks the countdown before a new school year, even if it’s been years since your K12 or college days. Now’s a great time to reflect on what has or has not been accomplished during the summer. While summer’s not

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