The Best Blogs of 2017

Did you blink and 2017 is over? I know I did, and now here we are at the end of another fantastic year. A year filled with new and converging technologies and an increasing need to create processes and strategies that support the performance of our workforce. With four generations working together in a global landscape, organizations have had to adapt to the ways people want to work, collaborate and learn in order to stay competitive.

In collaboration with dozens of talented thought leaders, we published over 70 articles on the the GP Strategies Blog to help organizations perform at their best in 2017. From tips to developing communication strategies for leaders to technology implementation and adoption and insights for enhancing learning programs, nearly every business challenge our customers faced were covered.

Reflecting on all of the great content, there were several that generated thousands of views and stood out to our readers and I wanted to share them with you today. Here are the top blog posts from 2017:

1. Insurmountable: Turning challenges into capabilities
2. xAPI: Beyond the What
3. Five Schoolhouse Rock! Learning Strategies You Should Be Using
4. From Pikachu to Patients: The Rise of Augmented Reality
5. Learning 3.0
6. The Human Side of Digital Transformation

As we embark on 2018, organizations are continuing to leverage advancements in technology, but they are putting a focus on their people and developing innovative strategies to make sure that these enhancements are implemented and adopted in ways that help people work smarter and reduce costs within their organizations. Starting in January, we will launch our series on Learning Trends for 2018 and Beyond and invite you to join us for an exciting look at the broad implications of digital learning and the emerging trends facing organizations.

In 2018, the stage is set for transformative moves and we look forward to continuing the journey with you and wish you a successful and impactful New Year!

Kayla Ratz

Kayla Ratz is the Collaborative Marketing Manager for GP Strategies and the editor of the GP Strategies Blog.Her focus is on sharing thought leadership and insights across social media networks, and through collaboration efforts to support initiative success and enable knowledge sharing in the Learning Industry.

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