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Business Innovation: The Power Within

Business innovation used to be the preserve of disruptive new players in the market and organizations, such as technology or chemical companies and automotive manufacturers, that considered R&D as part of their culture and organizational DNA. This is no longer

10 Important Items to Consider When Building Compensation Statements

As a professionally certified SuccessFactors Compensation consultant, I would like to share some of my experience regarding compensation statements. Hopefully, this blog will provide answers to questions you may have about the process, helping to simplify your experience and deliver

Best Content of 2019: Thought Leadership to Help You Excel in the New Year

We made it to a new decade! 2020 is here and while each new year holds promise and a vision for what success looks like, it can only be reached by aligning strategy with execution and preparing your workforce for

6 Steps to a Whole New Technical Organization

The start of a new year has people turning to diets, fitness, and self-improvement initiatives with the concept of a “whole new you” in the coming year. There are three types of people I see each year: Consistent Carl –

The Power of STEM Roles

A STEM profession isn’t something I put a lot of thought into early on in my own career. It wasn’t something I thought I really would end up doing for a living either. However, after almost 6 years working in

Teamwork: Revitalizing Downtown Loíza

Recently the GP Strategies team in Puerto Rico, including Reuben Meador, Yolanda Velez (and son), Nilda Rodriguez (and son), and Maria Wiscovitch, came together to revitalize the city square in downtown Loíza. It was a remarkable experience. Here is the

Five Strategies for People-Friendly Digital Transformation

Digital transformation of learning and performance holds great promise but can miss the most important enabler—engaged, effective people. Just consider what we’re facing . . . Corporate L&D is experiencing a remarkable transformation driven by a need to focus on

Beyond a Personality Test: Simple Tips to Understand the People We Work With

Let me first make a confession. If there is a personality quiz, I will take it. Replace my (non-existent) dating bio of “Enjoys long walks on the beach and deep conversations that last until sunrise” with “I am an ENTJ,

How Different are Boomi and SAP Cloud Platform Integration (SCPI)?

It seems more and more customers are choosing SAP Cloud Platform Integration (SCPI) as an alternative to Dell Boomi for integration between SAP ERP and SuccessFactors Employee Central. This presents integration consultants in the space with the opportunity to learn a new technology. Unsurprisingly, developers with Boomi experience will recognize commonalities within SCPI at a high level but will find differences up close. Let’s quickly compare the two.

Data Migration: Journey to the Cloud – Part 3

Welcome back! In my final installment of this three part series, I will cover the options available for Exporting data from Employee Central (EC) for the purposes of data validation.

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