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Episode #25 | Using Design Thinking to Focus on the Technical Learner

From the retirement of a skilled population and rise of a new generation, to new advances in technology and automation, technical organizations are seeing significant shifts in the workforce. In order to adapt, technical L&D teams need to blend the

The Modern Face of eLearning: Putting a Nimble Spin on Traditional Courseware

eLearning is evolving. We’re in an incredible time in organizational learning. Between the collision of modern technology and the increased need to upskill people in different geographies effectively and efficiently, we’re seeing a seismic shift in what learning and eLearning

Episode #22 | Quantifying the Future Success of Your Organization

Organizations need to have a clear quantified definition of what success looks like, yet so many businesses neglect to identify that success in enough detail and define the metrics that measure it. In this episode on how to quantify future

Episode #21 | The Learner Experience: Empowering learners as consumers and collaborators

Research shows that learners are increasingly unsatisfied with their organization’s traditional learning approach. Yet, many learning organizations still put corporate process in front of engaging learning strategies. As technologies and expectations change, it’s time to put the focus back on

The 2020s are Calling. Is Your Organization Ready to Face the Future?

Resistance often comes from employees who are left in uncertainty. As we move into a new decade, the pace of business is only going to move faster. Disruption will extend itself into every corner of your business. The ability for

Episode #20 | Embracing Transformation

Transformation is disruptive but it doesn’t need to derail your strategies. By modeling and fostering a culture where leaning in and embracing transformation is supported and celebrated, you will find that challenges and setbacks are viewed as opportunities to shift,

Episode #18 | Improving Performance Through Workforce Transformation

The pace of change is more rapid than ever and with five generations in today’s workforce, L&D is seeing a shift in focus from technical skills to foundational skills. We met with industry thought leader Dennis Bonilla to talk about

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