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Episode # 31 | Tips for the [Disrupted] Virtual Learner

According to Global Workplace Analytics, approximately 20 to 25 percent of the U.S. workforce teleworks at least part time. With our current situation, that number has dramatically increased. As we adjust to our home offices, one of our challenges will be

Going Virtual: Design, Development, and Delivery

When converting learning assets, courses, and more to virtual training, it’s critical not to be tempted by the “dump and run” approach – the promises of quick conversions. This results in significant drops to learner engagement and improvement.

Episode #28 | Agile Learning Strategies for the Modern Learner

As the way we work changes and the points of value change for individuals, today’s learners need to take a proactive, modern approach to creating their own learning criteria. This reshaping of the workforce is also generating a range of

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