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Episode #43 | Modern Learning Technologies: The Art of the Possible

Research shows that we make about 35,000 decisions every single day, from the pants you’ll wear to how you’ll word that email. Amidst the sea of decisions we have to make, having a ton of options makes the experience even

Digital Transformation: The Necessary Shift in Organizational Change Management

Traditional OCM becomes agile As enterprises mature on their digital transformation journey, they evolve from structured hierarchies to agile teams. This necessitates a move from traditional OCM to an approach that stands ready to face conflict and failure, which are

Gone in a Flash: Converting Outdated Technology Before 2020 Ends

Once a ubiquitous app for animation and interaction—and now considered a security risk—Adobe Flash will see its last day on December 31, 2020. In fact, many browsers have already disabled it, with HTML5 taking its place. Flash has been a

Organizational Change Management (OCM): Top 10 Aims for Success

Businesses and workers today are encountering an ever-increasing pace and demand for change. Advances in technology and other market pressures continue to force companies to face the prospect that they must transform or die. Given this environment, it sometimes surprises

Successful Organizational Change Management With a Major Beverage Distributor

SITUATION An American coffee and beverage leader was implementing SuccessFactors Learning as a common platform across North America, including content for programs such as New Employee Orientation (NEO), HR & Talent Learning & Development, and Information Systems training. Due to

Migrating Away from Oracle UPK

What’s driving the need for alternatives? Since Oracle’s announcement that it plans to discontinue the development of its User Productivity Kit (UPK), many customers are seeking alternatives for their training development, simulation, and eLearning needs.  There will be no major

People Analytics Strategy Brief: Building HR Business Partner Data Literacy

Are you getting started with People Analytics or looking to take your HR reporting and analytics capabilities to the next level? This is the second article in a series of People Analytics Strategy Briefs where I discuss People Analytics topics

Presentation: Technology Adoption in Disruptive Times

Did you miss the Digital Adoption Summit? Watch Linda Lamppert’s presentation Technology Adoption in Disruptive Times to learn the best practices for maintaining business and project continuity when the unexpected occurs.

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