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Extending Your SuccessFactors Cloud

For more than 10 years, GP Strategies has helped clients implement the full SAP SuccessFactors HCM suite, guiding our clients in what best practices to use and which standards to follow. We are fully committed to the idea of helping

Performance Support

Bringing Just-in-Time Learning to Your Workforce Since 80% of learning takes place on the job, just-in-time performance support plays a critical role in solution adoption. The easier and more quickly employees can apply what they have learned on the job,

Your Journey to SuccessFactors: How to Prepare and What to Avoid

In a recent webinar we talked about how to prepare for a SuccessFactors implementation and what to avoid. If you were unable to join, we have gathered five key takeaways that all people who are embarking on implementing SuccessFactors should

How to Capture Innovative Thinking from High Performers

It seems wherever you turn, people are talking about innovation. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines innovation as “a new idea, method, or device” and innovative as “characterized by, tending to, or introducing innovations.” These are broad definitions so we need to

High-Purity Orbital Welding Services

GP Strategies has a proven reputation and maintains its lead in high-purity welding within the industry. Companies like yours operate in a dynamic, competitive, and highly regulated market—from a heightened focus on product quality to the rising cost of commodities,

What Is the Difference Between SuccessFactors Compensation and Variable Pay? Do I Need Both?

Have you ever purchased a new item and you cannot wait to get home to try it out just to realize that there are no assembly instructions? The same type of dilemma is often encountered when implementing new software applications.

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