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Improve Your Data by Dropping These Five Poor Survey Questions

Oftentimes I hear that surveys are not a good way to collect feedback from learners. Or that people are getting tired of answering surveys, which then leads to low response rates. Or people are not getting any insights or actionable

How to Manage Access in SAP SuccessFactors

When it comes to IT systems that store sensitive information, access is a hot topic these days. An HR system like SAP SuccessFactors is no exception. Based on my experience with access management and SuccessFactors, I would like to share

Open Source Technology Services

Open source technologies are software platforms provided by companies with an open source code. The code is publicly accessible for users to easily share, design, and modify. This type of technology allows you to be more hands on than proprietary

Our Best of 2018

We made it! The year 2019 is here and while each new year holds promise and a vision for what success looks like, this potential for success can only be reached by setting the RIGHT goals that align strategy with

Software Updates Are Coming to Town: And You Should Probably Have a Training Maintenance Plan

They might come when you are sleeping, they might come when you’re awake, but software updates are most definitely coming to town. In the glory days of floppy disks and even CDs, software updates usually needed to be installed manually

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