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SAP® SuccessFactors® – Continuous Change Management

GP Strategies® is a global performance improvement company helping clients streamline their Human Capital Management (HCM) processes based on SAP SuccessFactors. We have over 600 SAP SuccessFactors implementations under our belt. We have been here, there, and everywhere and we

Learning Management System Health Check

Learning Management System Health Check For many organizations, the challenge of achieving a best-in-class learning management infrastructure represents a journey rather than a destination. This is particularly true in today’s modern business landscape where rapidly evolving SaaS technologies and consistently

Three Steps to Unlocking the Promised Benefits of Your Digital Transformation

The majority of transformations promise benefits; they are the reward for the effort taken to transform. In many cases those “promised” benefits never materialize, efficiencies are not captured, people retain their old ways of working, or the transformed methods and

Using Your New Technology as an Opportunity to Create an Agile, Fluid, & Well-Equipped Workforce

You have done your due diligence and examined both the needs of your organization and the strengths of potential enterprise systems. You have made your selection and begun to implement your solution – now what? To get the most out

The Basics of Selecting Your Enterprise Technology and Beginning Your Implementation

There are many comprehensive HR cloud solutions on the market today, all with different benefits and key features. But, they are only as good as the features that benefit your organization. In this blog, we will lay out three of

The Intangibles of Performance Excellence

In the last 5 years or so, I have had the pleasure of working with a number of different companies in quite varied industries to understand performance excellence—to understand what behaviors are unique to those individuals who consistently achieve exceptional

Reporting Services – HCM Technology Solutions

Capturing and analyzing report data is critical in today’s environment to drive better decision-making. GP Strategies® understands that an organization’s reporting needs can be complex and have unique requirements. Often out-of-the-box (OBB) reports are not sufficient, and a solution that

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