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The 2020s are Calling. Is Your Organization Ready to Face the Future?

Resistance often comes from employees who are left in uncertainty. As we move into a new decade, the pace of business is only going to move faster. Disruption will extend itself into every corner of your business. The ability for

Episode #20 | Embracing Transformation

Transformation is disruptive but it doesn’t need to derail your strategies. By modeling and fostering a culture where leaning in and embracing transformation is supported and celebrated, you will find that challenges and setbacks are viewed as opportunities to shift,

Performance Knowledge Series

GP Strategies® offers integrated power plant monitoring and training to increase overall performance. This brochure offers course dates and details for the GP Strategies’ Performance Knowledge Series, in which you may attend courses centered around subjects such as Heat Rate

On the Road to Continuous Improvement | ATD

Learner feedback was positive. Survey results were good. General Motors turned to design thinking to discover how they could be even better. The Center of Learning (CoL) is the training organization within General Motors that focuses on supporting dealership and

Shaking the Vending Machine: Becoming a Trusted Advisor

Once upon a time, I was sure I’d grow up to work in a vending machine. (That’s right; I thought there were people inside.) I loved the idea of translating keypad codes into icy beverages and crackling bags of snacks.

Workforce of the Future – Workforce of the Past

We spend a lot of time focusing on the workforce of the future and our needs as a business to transfer knowledge and adapt our solutions to the next generations coming in. In these conversations, I picture our organizations watching

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