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Improve Your Data by Dropping These Five Poor Survey Questions

Oftentimes I hear that surveys are not a good way to collect feedback from learners. Or that people are getting tired of answering surveys, which then leads to low response rates. Or people are not getting any insights or actionable

Episode #1 | Leading with Purpose: Shifting to a Servant Leadership Culture

In this episode of Performance Matters podcast, we sat down with Lisa Doyle, Principal at Winning Results, LLC and member of the GP Strategies Advisory Board, to talk about servant leadership and building trust within an organization or teams through

Can You Train Someone to Be More Engaged?

Spoiler alert: Not really. Engagement is an individualized equation, reflecting an employee’s personal relationship with work. There will never be one set of concepts or actions that can solve every equation. And as we know from our research and own

Similar Ideas, Different Priorities: Women and Men’s Distinct Approaches to Leadership – Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

As part of our commitment to providing the latest research and insights to the market, BlessingWhite, the leadership division of GP Strategies®, surveyed leaders across the globe in spring 2018 to find out what skills they need to be successful

Leadership Essentials: Where Digital Dependence Meets Human Connection

At the heart of leadership development is the relationship between the leader and the individuals and teams being led. Because of this, it’s critical for leadership development to include both the actions a leader needs to take to be competent

Leading Future of Work Transformations: The Five Key Strategy Elements

There is a lot of speculation about what the future of work will look like, feel like, and function like. We are already experiencing dramatic shifts in the way we work, being driven and enabled by new digital-experience platforms and

Leadership Essentials

Leadership Essentials is a digitally enabled leadership journey that provides the essential skills leaders and managers need to be successful and produce results. Leadership Essentials brings proven leadership content to life in a highly engaging, modern environment that is globally

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