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Leading Business Through Crisis

Six Insights to Align Your Strategy, Culture, and Organizational Values to Support Business Continuity Crises can be triggered internally or as a result of external factors. What we are currently experiencing with COVID-19 is definitely the latter. How you respond

Communication & Leadership During Times of Crisis

While some have been monitoring the threat of COVID-19 for a while, for many, the gravity of the situation seemed to spike incredibly quickly, turning our world upside down. Leaders in government, healthcare, and business are scrambling to deal with

Special Report | Virtual Coaching: Supporting leaders through disruption

Coaching has always been an important tool during uncertainty, giving leaders space to explore really difficult challenges in a confidential and supportive setting.  Being able to offer this virtually, during disruptive times, but with the same quality, can be hugely

6 Best Practices for Leading Effective [Virtual] Meetings

Conducting virtual meetings is increasingly the norm and not the exception. And while virtual meetings can connect people around the globe efficiently, it’s important to lead them effectively so you can get the outcomes you desire. Effective virtual meetings can

Virtual Instructor-Led Training Courses for Individual Contributors and Frontline and Mid-Level Leaders

GP Strategies has extensive experience designing and developing Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) programs as well as taking ILT programs and converting them to effective VILT programs. We have a dedicated team that understands the nuances of designing a VILT including

Five Considerations for Managing Personal Engagement Now

As communities around the world respond to the coronavirus pandemic, many of us are facing jobs, communities, and homes that look radically different than they did a few months ago. Remote work. Children adjusting to distance learning. Shrinking investments. Impending

Optimizing Employee Engagement

Using proven survey methodology, implementation best practices, expert consulting, and tools & resources to help leaders act on results to drive up Employee Engagement levels.  

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