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Episode #45 | Creating Connection in Blended Teams

A lot of us are working from home lately and it’s great for getting a head start on that pile of laundry and cutting out the commute time. But what about on the workfront? Working from home can quickly become

5 Reasons Now is the Right Time to Revisit Your Listening Strategy

Ah, 2020. What can I say? It’s been quite a year. Australian wildfires, Kobe, the COVID-19 disease, the COVID-19 recession, RGB, movements for racial justice and the end to race-related violence. And it’s not over yet. We are currently in

A Mission-Critical Approach to Planning to Expect the Unexpected

2020 has brought unprecedented business disruption in a remarkably short period of time. COVID’s complete shutdown of markets, social unrest, and disruptive cyber-attacks have left business leaders spinning. Looking ahead, we are facing a tsunami of real and possible events:

Business as Unusual – Rewriting the Rules of Leadership

The GP Strategies research team set out to discover what leaders and individual contributors from across the globe need to thrive in an ever-changing environment. The team gauged their concerns; what type of support they needed; and how, together, they

Digital Transformation: The Necessary Shift in Organizational Change Management

Traditional OCM becomes agile As enterprises mature on their digital transformation journey, they evolve from structured hierarchies to agile teams. This necessitates a move from traditional OCM to an approach that stands ready to face conflict and failure, which are

Strengthening Emotional Intelligence and Safety Leadership on the Trans-Alaskan Pipeline

Challenge A key focus area for APSC is ongoing training and performance evaluation to ensure their supervisors and managers are equipped with the skills needed to effectively lead their teams. A particular area of emphasis is operational safety – for

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