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Episode #10 | Tying Innovation to Purpose

Innovation is a catalyst for future business success, but success of the innovation comes back to creating a meaningful connection to purpose, enabling a culture of growth, and thinking at the most strategic level. Hear more from our interview with

Episode #9 | Executing Strategy Through Your People

Most strategies fail to meet their intended results. In this podcast we met with Mike Bray, Principal Consultant for GP Strategies, to talk about achieving strategic success and the importance of alignment, execution, leadership and organizational culture.

Leadership Mindsets: How a Leader’s Attitude in Four Key Areas Can Drive Innovation

For some time now, I’ve been talking about leadership mindsets, which I’ve defined as the mental attitude you bring to the actions you take. Said differently, mindsets are a way of thinking, shaped by attitudes and opinions, that guide and

Leadership Development: Human Connection Through Technology | Training Industry

Organizations have historically been challenged with finding a way to provide their managers with essential leadership skills in a way that is innovative, accessible, scalable and relevant. With the explosion of learning technologies, how can organizations use them to develop

Leading High-Performing Teams

Developing Leadership Behaviors and Habits That Build Great Teams High-performing teams are the foundation of any successful organization. However, they don’t happen by accident. They require dedicated leadership and a commitment on the part of both leaders and team members

Organizational Change Management Services

Change has always been a constant in the business world, but today your organization faces even greater challenges brought on by the rise of the digital economy, the development of cloud-based ERP technology, the emergence of informed and hyperconnected customers,

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