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High-Purity Orbital Welding Services

GP Strategies has a proven reputation and maintains its lead in high-purity welding within the industry. Companies like yours operate in a dynamic, competitive, and highly regulated market—from a heightened focus on product quality to the rising cost of commodities,

Navigating the New FEMA Public Assistance Grants Manager and Grants Portal

Technology continues to shape the way we share and disperse information, and the way we handle Emergency Management is no exception. As far back as October 2016, FEMA began testing a new delivery model for their Public Assistance (PA) Program.

GP Strategies Pneumatics Training Station

The GP Strategies Pneumatics Trainer is a portable pneumatics training system. This system allows students to design, build, and troubleshoot basic and advanced pneumatic circuits in a safe environment. The trainer is composed of various pneumatic components, such as: Pneumatic

Accomplish Your Digital Resolutions in 2018

What digital resolutions are you hoping to accomplish in 2018? We recently asked learning leaders what was at the top of their list and followed up on each one with a blog post offering actionable advice on how to achieve

The Best Blogs of 2017

Did you blink and 2017 is over? I know I did, and now here we are at the end of another fantastic year. A year filled with new and converging technologies and an increasing need to create processes and strategies

Finding Work-Life Balance in a Digitally Connected World

I was sitting in a conference room last week brainstorming with a customer. The conversation was riveting, the project exhilarating, and outside the conference room windows was the gorgeous Alaskan sunrise. Yet my attention continued to focus elsewhere. The red

Copy of – Power Generation Training Courses

GP Strategies hosts several open enrollment power plant training courses each year. These training courses ensure your employees have the skills and knowledge to operate and maintain an efficient plant. We offer three series of courses: Performance Knowledge Series, Operations

Using Digital Twin Technology for a Competitive Advantage

According to Gartner, digital twins (DTs) are a Top 10 Strategic Technology Trend of 2017. A DT is a virtual representation of a physical object, typically an industrial asset and sometimes an industrial process. It mimics all potential operating scenarios

A Spotlight on Digital Transformation in the Global Energy Industry

Throughout science fiction, we’ve seen or read about predictions in engineering concepts and other innovations. From ideas such as Star Trek envisioning tablets even before we had cell phones to SpaceX’s vision of roping passing asteroids into our orbit to

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