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All I Want for the Holidays is Fun Compliance Training

I don’t want a lot for the holidays there is one thing I can’t stand. All those boring compliance trainings underneath my learning plan. I don’t need another policy or eSigning on the dotted line. It doesn’t mean I read

Homeland Security and Emergency Management

Mitigation Expertise to Facilitate the Recovery of Resilient Communities GP Strategies mitigation staff members stand ready to provide emergency management assistance and expertise to municipalities and eligible entities in project identification, sub-application development, programmatic/policy guidance, planning, grants management, monitoring, and

Steel Company: Bearing Down on Inefficiencies Cost Reductions Through Improved Asset Management

SITUATION One of the largest North American steel companies was losing millions of dollars in lost time and production with a bearing issue throughout its plant. Needing a root cause analysis, they called on GP Strategies® for answers and solutions.

Improved Productivity and Equipment Availability at an Oil and Gas Facility

Situation One of the largest multinational oil and gas companies with operations including exploration and production, refining, transport, distribution, petrochemicals, power generation, and trading was looking for ways to better control rising costs at their onshore and offshore facilities. Additionally,

Fabrication Services

GP Strategies® provides shop fabrication and field installation services for aerospace, process, alternative fuels, and manufacturing facilities. GP Strategies’ in-house staff of engineers, inspectors, certified welders/braziers, and technicians provide a valuable resource for specialty process systems. System design will provide

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