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Fabrication Services

GP Strategies® provides shop fabrication and field installation services for aerospace, process, alternative fuels, and manufacturing facilities. GP Strategies’ in-house staff of engineers, inspectors, certified welders/braziers, and technicians provide a valuable resource for specialty process systems. System design will provide

Aerospace Services: Spaceport Planning – Space Launch Facilities

Solutions for Launch System Providers Launch systems are complex, operate in harsh conditions, and not easily understood. GP Strategies®’ experience with launch systems spans more than 30 years and includes design efforts from requirements and preliminary design review (PDR) to

Engineering & Technical Services Statement of Capabilities

Engineering & Technical Services – Transforming Performance into Results In today’s ever-changing, fast-paced, and increasingly globalized business landscape, agility and efficiency are key to your competitiveness. GP Strategies Corporation (NYSE: GPX) is a global performance improvement company and a leader

Homeland Security and Emergency Management: Recovery and Response

Holistic Approach Supporting National Standards to Empower Planning, Training and Recovery Management Efforts The world is changing faster than ever and unfortunately, disaster can strike even quicker. Emergency management is crucial, so if your job is to protect and keep

Process Controls Training Station

The GP Strategies® Process Controls Training Station is designed to introduce maintenance personnel to the fundamentals of process instrumentation and process controls. The station features a process system that uses water to maintain either a tank level or a flow

Public Health Preparedness Services

GP Strategies is a nationally recognized firm dedicated to preparing and maximizing the effectiveness of Public Health agencies. Public Health Preparedness Services GP Strategies provides strategic project management and emergency management planning, training, exercise-support, and staff augmentation solutions to Public

Solutions for the Metals Industry

Implementation of Compliance Training Within Blended Learning Programs

For Energy companies, equipment reliability and unit uptime are paramount to delivering electricity to their customers. At leading power companies, blended learning training programs help equip leadership, operations, maintenance, human resources, and other functional areas with the knowledge and skills

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