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In the technical training world, outcomes-based training has been important before the term “outcomes” was cool. When hiring a new team member for the workforce, the goal is to get that person operating in their role as quickly and safely possible. Safety is key, as many of these roles are inherently dangerous to the individual, the facility, the environment, and more.

Over the years, as the workforce has become more experienced, those onboarding methods have relaxed into a simple shadowing process until the desired outcomes are achieved, including safe and consistent operation of equipment. With the aging workforce, a younger generation of new team members, and a focus on work-based learning, a more structured, outcomes-based learning platform for technical training has surfaced.

To help our technical partners, GP Strategies has created a new model—something that fits with a bit more PRECISION than trying to fit the ADDIE model to a specialized market. PRECISION helps organizations focus their efforts on ensuring each staff training and development solution meets the desired outcomes:

  • PLAN for the future: Create training with a flexible, future-forward design tied to key tasks.
  • RECALL prior knowledge: Shorten training time by proving preexisting knowledge prior to training.
  • EXAMPLE videos: Incorporate site-specific images and videos to bring the process to life.
  • CLASS activities: Leverage a safe environment to demonstrate and perform tasks before beginning on-the-job training.
  • INTERACTIVE screens: Link to detailed imagery, information, visual process flows, and other additional information.
  • SAFETY information: Reinforce safety as a theme and identify tasks specific to safety.
  • INSTRUCTOR resources: Remember that non-training resources who will need additional support to be successful facilitate most technical training.
  • ON-THE-JOB training: Focus beyond-simple-skills evaluation on what needs to be done, how it needs to be done and why it is being done, including cause and effect.
  • NAVIGATE with each: Make the training easy to use, easy to deliver, and easy to refer to later.

If we spend more time developing a training program with PRECISION, we will achieve the precise outcomes we are looking for, in a shorter amount of time.

Sheri Weppel

Sheri Weppel

Sheri Weppel started her career as an art teacher covered in finger paint, clearly teaching people about out-of-the-box thinking (or at least off-the-construction-paper thinking). While working on her master’s degree in Instructional Design and Development at Lehigh University, she realized that we could learn a lot from the public-school classroom. Concepts like micro-learning, learning styles, gaming, and training on demand were common in grade school, but were considered new concepts in the corporate sector.

Because one degree is never enough, Sheri continued her studies at Lehigh with a focus on Gaming for Instruction. In her spare time, she spent her evenings losing to her husband in Scrabble and wanting to throw the letter Q across the room, making her realize the emotional attachments we can have to games. If we could harness that desire to succeed, compete, or win to a learning environment, what impact could we have on learner motivation?

Countless games of Scrabble later, Sheri started at GP Strategies as an Instructional Designer and was able to inject those concepts into solutions for her customers. This is often a challenge for customers that want to use gaming but often don’t believe they have the time or budget required to successfully launch into the gaming space. Sheri is driven to help these clients find a balance in embedding gaming elements into instruction in a practical manner.

In the past nine years, Sheri has held many roles within the organization, from instructional designer to sales lead for blended learning, and is now focusing on the off-the-shelf product GPiLEARN+, growing the product into a true blended learning solution. Regardless of her role, Sheri is always focused on working with customers to help build impactful training solutions that focus on the needs of all populations. She helps clients determine specifically when to incorporate gaming versus using hands-on, traditional approaches.

When she is not working, Sheri enjoys having adventures with her dog Olivia, attending barre classes, and learning new three-letter words that begin with the letter Q.
Sheri Weppel

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