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One of the main arguments for using or switching to SAP SuccessFactors is Employee Self-Service. It’s a great idea to let employees manage their own data so that it is up to date, which can be a strong selling point for a majority of companies and their employees.

Self-service works and has improved data quality in many companies. By allowing employees to manage their own data, such as an address update or a name change, the risk for inaccurate or corrupted information is minimized. Most of the hire-to-retire journey is covered in Employee Self-Service, but the first step in the process—hiring an employee—requires a lot of information in one form, information anyone outside HR would struggle to fill in. So, should you open self-service for such an important process? Having worked on hundreds of SuccessFactors implementations, GP Strategies recommends:

  • If the data model and surrounding processes regarding compensation, for example, are simple and clearly defined, then the answer is yes. You should be open to allowing people outside of your HR department to access that information.
  • If your company is larger, spans more entities, shares data with multiple payroll systems, or just has more data to track, the answer is no. We suggest not taking this route with the standard system.

If you intend to have managers hire their own team, they will need training in how to use the Employee Central built-in Add New Employee tool. The requirement to complete this comprehensive form with hundreds of fields can be overwhelming for managers, and they might be uncomfortable asking certain questions about topics such as the new hire’s pay scale.

New hire administration is a pain point for many clients, but does it really have to be this difficult? GP Strategies has, together with our client, a large Scandinavian retail chain, cracked the nut and built an extension, Ragnar, to support the process. Ragnar, the new hire tool, enables the managers to hire into their team with next to no training. Assisted by Ragnar, they avoid the pitfalls of using and keying in incorrect data. Hiring new employees can be done in a manner of minutes. Employee Self-Service is back in business!

Learn more about the GP Strategies SAP Cloud Extensions.

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