COLUMBIA, Md., June 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Global performance improvement solutions provider GP Strategies Corporation (NYSE: GPX) announces the launch of APM Optimize, an innovative approach to asset performance management (APM). APM Optimize extends beyond software and is an end-to-end solution focusing on all aspects of the asset, including data and technology integration, strategy development, work execution, training, and continuous improvement, to provide clients return on investment.

By improving the performance of both the workforce and equipment assets in tandem, APM Optimize goes further to help organizations maximize workforce performance, streamline business processes, and develop execution plans to achieve sustainable results. APM Optimize begins with ensuring the accuracy of asset data, such as validating P&IDs, and then uses that data to develop the overall strategy and drive it through to work execution. As part of the asset data component, GP Strategies has partnered with Nexus Global, an award winning APM software provider, to offer an integrated APM lifecycle solution to improve asset availability and reliability.

"APM Optimize is a comprehensive, turnkey solution that improves asset performance holistically," stated Doug Robey, Vice President, Asset Management, GP Strategies. "Our decades of industry experience have enabled us to develop a program that is unlike anything else in the marketplace. As a company, we have a passion for connecting our work to our clients’ business results. Because of its inclusive focus on people, processes, and technologies, APM Optimize can dramatically transform enterprise performance," Robey added.

Aligned with international standards such as SAE (JA 1011 & JA1010), ISO 55000, SMRP, IAM, and more, GP Strategies works with customers to connect their APM strategy with industry-leading knowledge and excellence, develop a road map of prioritization, and implement proven methodologies to ensure operational growth and success.

"APM Optimize can help sharpen digital transformation initiatives when it comes to effective use of technologies for workforce development and asset health monitoring, strong suits of our GPiLEARN™ and EtaPRO® platforms," stated Rich DesJardins, Vice President, Engineering and Technical Products, GP Strategies. "We are pleased to be part of the APM Optimize program and look forward to an exciting future in asset performance management," DesJardins added.

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