Optimize Your Training for Mobile Devices and Increase Productivity

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If your content is not optimized for mobile devices, your end-user experience may fall flat for the new year. Mobile compatible training content is also a great way to reach your varied learners and their increasingly mobile lifestyle. Evidence suggests mobile learning can increase training speed and productivity of your workforce.

One size does not fit all. Just because you have online courses does not mean they translate well for a mobile deployment model. You may have to redesign your content, break it up into “byte” size pieces, and explore different approaches for your staff to sample the training and demonstrate learning outcomes.

How can you start to analyze your content and develop a plan?

Identify all courses and assets in your training library and determine which are in Flash. Then identify the type of assets you have, e.g., video, scenario learning, courses, learning objects, infographics, etc.

Now that you have your list of content assets…what’s next? Does any content need to be retired or refreshed? Review learner outcomes…what is “need to know” versus the “nice-to-know”? Consider what mediums or design approaches would work best to engage learners to complete the learning outcomes successfully. Analyze what existing content can be chunked into single learning objects. Micro-learning can leverage existing content, is reusable, and can prolong the shelf life of your training library. To be successful, you need to step into the learners’ shoes and focus on their learning journey. The learning experience is paramount when executing an m-learning strategy.

Create a culture of self-learning leveraging employee tools and devices that allow them to be in charge of their learning. Embracing new technology that delivers on-demand, mobile-accessible training is critical to the success of a culture of self-paced learning to foster empowered employees.

Make use of the data you have available. What content do your learners engage in? Where are they struggling? What devices do they use to access training? When is the last time you asked your employees what they like or dislike about their training? What do you do with that feedback? This knowledge will help to shape how you can improve the user experience and deliver more valuable content.

These meaningful and mindful New Year’s resolutions will surely keep your organization competitive and relevant. Convert to an m-learning model. Commit to embracing the learner perspective and differentiate the learning experience. Reimagine your content and focus on more flexible methods for employees to access training, and sit back and reap the organizational benefits. Happy New Year!

Brenda Finora

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