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The Power of Integrations Within the SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Platform: Part 2

Part 1: Recruiting Related Integrations   |   Part 3: Data Movement Between Systems

In our first installment of this three-part series on recruiting-related integrations, we focused on the advantages gained from a meaningful integration between a client’s SAP or Employee Central (EC) HRIS environment and the Recruiting Management (RCM) module. This installment focuses on the positive impacts that can be garnered by extending the integration path between RCM and the client’s Onboarding (ONB) module. Just as we saw with HRIS to RCM, this integration will facilitate gains in efficiency, data integrity, policy, and process compliance and will provide a more optimal experience for recruiting users and applicants/new hires alike.

Also as with the HRIS to RCM integration, meaningful data connections between the RCM and ONB modules allow for data captured in previous processes and other modules to be used downstream to prepopulate fields, support conditions and rules, and ensure data is captured in the proper format. All these impacts in turn create a more accurate, efficient, and customized process for all people involved in the process of onboarding new employees to the organization.

Fields used in RCM, whether coming from the requisition, application, or approved offer, can be mapped to relevant fields in ONB. Therefore, if data is entered in RCM, then it doesn’t need to be entered in ONB, lessening the burden on recruiting users and hired applicants alike. Mapped data, which we know should and will not change, can be mapped as read only, while those fields that need to be updated during onboarding can be configured as editable. The most common example is the start date of a new hire.

In addition to lessening the data entry effort across the board, mapping RCM field values to ONB fields also ensures that all required data for ONB captured in RCM carries over properly. The ONB field will be populated in the correct format, allowing it to be passed as is to the downstream HRIS environment without issues. This greatly reduces the time and effort spent chasing down information required to process new-hire records as well as that expended on data corrections in order for records to save properly.

Finally, by mapping data from RCM to ONB, those values captured in RCM can be leveraged in ONB to support the exact, specific onboarding process for each new hire across the enterprise. Field values such as country where hired, position number, job code, and employment type can be set against rules that control what overall onboarding process the hired applicant is placed into. Further, within that specific process, these and other data points coming from RCM (and in turn, in many cases, the vacant position in HRIS) can be used to control what specific panels, fields, and forms are presented. In this manner, we can ensure that only drivers are asked for their license and accident history information or that the forms required by our secure location regarding workplace security are active.

Overall, a meaningful integration between the RCM and ONB modules significantly reduces the effort required by all involved in the process of onboarding new employees to the organization. By limiting data entry to only new fields introduced as part of this process, eliminating incomplete and not properly formatted data records, and customizing the process for each new hire, the integration creates a much more efficient, accurate, and compliant workflow for this critical process within the organization.

For more information on SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting and Onboarding, or the integration between the two, please contact John Bestgen.

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John has over 20 years of HCM experience with a focus on Recruiting processes, analysis, and optimization. This includes solution development, system implementations, and ongoing improvement and support. John’s has the ability to provide a holistic, automated solution supporting the entire Recruiting process, including best practice solutions based on client experience with some of the largest and most successful organizations in the world . He currently resides on Cape Cod for the summer and is an active musician in his spare time!

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