Work-Life Synergy and Self-Directed Learning

The era of work-life balance has evolved due to changes in work flexibility and advances in technology. We now live in a world where the boundaries between work and life and the way we learn and grow, follows suit. To be a top performer in today’s world, you need to drive your own professional growth and development, while maintaining a healthy work-life synergy. The key question is, “How do you effectively integrate a personal learning strategy without experiencing burnout?”

I recently presented a 20-minute webinar covering an expanded definition of self-directed learning and presented a toolkit of steps learners can take to be more effective at owning their self-directed learning strategy. During this interactive webinar, I provided insights on:

  • How to develop a personal learning strategy
  • Best practices for integrating your strategy as an element of your work-life synergy
  • Strategies that learning leaders can use to help support personal learning within their teams and organizations

You can download the full webinar session here. But if you’re looking for the abbreviated version, I’d like to offer a quick look at some of the key takeaways for creating a synergistic self-directed learning plan:

  • Clarify your learning journey
  • Integrate time to learn and reflect
  • Think beyond traditional experiences
  • Expand your moments of learning
  • Create a dynamic list of questions and topics
  • Incorporate brain science into your plan
  • Set smaller, achievable goals and track progress

Are you prepared to own your self-directed learning journey?

Matt Donovan, Chief Learning & Innovation Officer

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