Your Migration Journey to the Reimagined Home Page

What is happening with the SuccessFactors home page? Is this a big deal? Should you be concerned?   What do you need to do?

SAP has launched the Reimagined Home Page and will be pushing the updates to your Production instance(s) in a staggered manner starting September 15, 2022, if the Reimagined Home Page is not fully migrated before then. To ensure that the Reimagined Home Page aligns with your business processes, there are several decisions to make before SAP makes the move in September. For those customers that do not migrate before the mass update, there will likely be a negative impact on your users due to the unplanned change.

Current timeline

SAP will be universally applying the Reimagined Home Page to all instances (that are not already migrated as follows):

  • Preview instances: Aug 2, 2022 – Oct 28, 2022
  • Production instances: Sep 15, 2022 – Dec 9, 2022
    • SAP will send an email to customers in mid/late August regarding their Production instances 3-week upgrade window

Note: NS2 and Integrated Validated Learning (VSaaS) customers are on a different schedule for the universal push. More details for NS2 customers are posted under the Resources section below.

Example: Current Home Page

Example: New Home Page

What happens if you do not act before September 15, 2022*?

Your current Home Page will be replaced with the Reimagined Home Page that has default settings. The Reimagined Home Page might be missing key functionality and some new unwanted functionality may appear.

For example:

  • Some of your custom tiles may not migrate to the Reimagined Home Page and will not appear like you are used to seeing. 
  • Most custom tiles should migrate, but you will not know for sure until you have tested this.
    • Note: There is a limit of 16 custom tiles that the user can see—only the first 16 will migrate. If you have more than 16 tiles that a user can see then, then this is a risk for you.
  • The Reimagined Home Page has a different look and just works differently. You may need change management for your managers/employees, especially when the Home Page is used extensively for manager and employee self-services.

Recommended next steps 

Kick off the migration process soon, for specific details on how to migrate check out the first link in the Resource section.  Below, I have outlined a summary of the steps you will need to take:

  1. Process three mandatory Upgrade Center tasks and several optional module-specific tasks.
  2. Grant two New RBPs. You can gradually roll out the New Home Page to control which users will see the New Home Page. Only those users that you explicitly grant access will see the Reimagined Home Page, while others will see the current Home Page.
  3. Migrate custom cards and adjust/replace them if needed, SAP provides a simple process for this, but it may not work for all cards.
  4. Review branding and theme settings and adjust as needed.
  5. Add custom quick links—short-cuts to navigate internally in SuccessFactors or jump to 3rd party sites.

After the migration, ask a group of users to test and provide feedback on the new functionality.

What’s the effort and time needed to migrate to the New Home Page?

It depends. We cannot provide an exact answer without knowing your requirements.  To give you a guide, answer these questions about your current Home Page situation:

  • Is your current Home Page complex, for example, are there many custom tiles that are actively used?
  • Are there many manager and employee self-services initiated from the Home Page?
  • Does your current Home Page act as the main landing page for the corporation or for HR?

If you answered that your current Home Page is not complex or many services are not initiated from the current Home Page, then your migration should be straightforward. However, if your current Home Page is complex, then your journey will be more challenging.

There’s a bit of a learning curve for all

The New Home Page has loads of pre-defined or hard-coded logic which might take some time to digest. Luckily, this information is now documented. See the Resources section below, especially the Engagement and Quick Action blogs—these will save you hours of time troubleshooting:

  • As an example, with the “Time for a break?” Card, you may wonder why some users see this and others do not, and when will it disappear?
  • Another example is with the “Birthday Card,” why does it appear for only admins that are managers and not for regular managers?


There are many variations to this migration since not every customer is the same so the effort will vary.  We recommend that you migrate to the Reimagined Home Page in your preview instance right away, and then take care of your production instances before Sep 15, 2022.

Resources (valid S-User ID required):

  1. Migration to Reimagined Home Page June 2022 – Innovation Alert–This is the main SAP blog and should be the first place to go

*This is applicable to your preview instance(s) as of August 3

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