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Solutions for Launch System Providers

Launch systems are complex, operate in harsh conditions, and not easily understood. GP Strategies®’ experience with launch systems spans more than 30 years and includes design efforts from requirements and preliminary design review (PDR) to final verification and validation. GP Strategies offers world-class
solutions that ensure your success.

Our experienced team of engineers thoroughly understand all requirements, codes, standards, and specifications. We have provided countless solutions for ground support equipment that interface with launch vehicles and critical flight hardware, including:

• Precision-fabricated panels and components
• Cryogenic propellant supply and transfer systems
• High-pressure gas systems and controls
• Shop aids and flight- vehicle processing test fixtures
and adapters

Our engineering analysis capabilities include static, dynamic, and random vibration stress analyses and thermal, hazard and safety, and cost analyses. GP Strategies can significantly reduce schedule delays and streamline overall facility design for new or modified launch systems by effectively applying knowledge gained from past experience. These services are integrated between the ground facility owner and the launch system providers.

GP Strategies’ experience aligns to your launch vehicle needs. We fully understand the requirements of all specialty launch pad systems. Our professionals have experience working on all types of space launch facilities, including commercial aerospace, National Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA) and Department of Defense (DoD) customers.

GP Strategies ensures cost-efficient, robust, reliable, and innovative solutions for all of your ground support equipment needs. We offer specialized engineering services for equipment and analysis used in the preparation, processing, and launch at various sites, including Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Vandenberg Air Force Base, Wallops Flight Facility, and other locations.

Above all, we want to work with organizations that trust and feel comfortable and confident working with us.

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