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Delivering a Transformation Change in Business Performance – Mission Leadership

Today’s business leaders face the challenge of accelerating performance in an environment of increasing volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. Here disruption is the norm, requiring fast and agile business planning and execution.

At McKinney Rogers, a division of GP Strategies, we work to dramatically shift this trajectory through Mission Leadership®, a philosophy inspired by military Special Forces and adapted for business environments. Here we equip business teams with the tools and capabilities to deliver high performance regardless of the obstacles they face.

Mission Leadership affords a unique and holistic approach to establishing direction and closing the gap between strategy and execution. It ensures the requisite clarity and understanding of the overall mission of the organization, aligns everyone’s role in achieving it, and inspires a sense of commitment and accountability that puts the enterprise first above anything else. And it is proven to deliver.

Mission Leadership | Business Execution Operating System

Providing a unique, proven approach to realizing the full potential of your organization

Unlike other business consultancies that effectively tell leaders the appropriate next steps, McKinney Rogers puts the destiny of your business in the right hands: yours and that of your people.

We do this by engaging leadership with dynamic conversations and experiences that take people out of their comfort zone, consider things from new perspectives, and challenge the status quo. The result is an immersive experience that leads to outcomes that people actively shaped as a collective, achieving a much stronger sense of commitment going forward.

Further, this unique approach drives alignment, instills a sense of personal accountability, and promotes the independent thought and agility necessary to deliver mission-critical results despite whatever obstacles or uncertainty they may face. As a result, your people own your vision in ways few organizations can achieve, delivering the outstanding leadership and high-performance teamwork characteristic of our world-class, Fortune 500 clients.

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