All-In-One Crane Operator Training and Certification

OSHA-Recognized, CIC-Accredited Crane Operator Training, Testing, and Certification

Are you ready for November 2017?

The demand for skilled operators is ever-present, and OSHA is requiring certification by November 10, 2017. That leaves less than a year to prepare for the regulation.

GP Strategies offers OSHA-recognized and CIC-accredited crane operator certification. Through a new partnership with Cranes 101, we can train, test, and certify your people at your location or at our partner’s in Massachusetts. Even experienced operators can struggle on the tests, but GP Strategies’ Certified Crane Operator Training ensures your workforce is prepared for both initial certification and re-certification.

Crane operator training and certification

Crane Operator Classes

GP Strategies’ courses for mobile crane operators range from 2-4 days and include:

  • Classroom training, all materials and instructors provided by us
  • Two tests:
    • Written exam for general knowledge
    • Practical (may consist of two per person)
  • Nationally accredited certification and certification card from the Crane Institute of America

In addition, we significantly reduce the time you have to spend by coming to you and certifying your site; documenting certification and re-certification dates; providing all the necessary paperwork, filings, and coordination; and more.

Don’t go to someone else’s site. We’ll come to you.

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Mobile Crane Inspection Services

In addition to training and certifying operators, GP Strategies offers third party crane inspection services. This can satisfy the need for organizations facing yearly inspections.

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Want to Learn More?

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