Deputy Inspector Services

Solutions for the Construction Industry – Deputy Inspector Services

For all facets of construction, from small to large specialized facilities, GP Strategies Certified Deputy Inspectors have the industry insight and experience needed to meet stringent building code requirements and provide a competent and thorough inspection.

If your building is within the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LADBS) jurisdiction and requires the services of a qualified expert, contact GP Strategies’ LADBS Certified Deputy Inspectors before you begin construction. Reduce overall permit processing time; start and complete construction ahead of schedule.

GP Strategies Deputy Inspectors are certified in structural steel as it pertains to welding and High Strength Bolting Operations (SC).

Avoid Project Delays

GP Strategies knows how inconvenient and costly it can be to fix mistakes. One of the biggest failures in the building process is scheduling the inspection after the work is complete. This can result in loss of time and money spent fixing costly mistakes. Let GP Strategies help you mitigate those risks. Our team of inspectors believe in taking a proactive approach to solving the needs of the construction process by clearly identifying and understanding the objectives, providing guidance documents, and conducting inspections in accordance with approved construction plans and specifications.

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