Innovation Strategy and Solutions

Innovation is integral to our society and is occurring in every industry, especially in technology and learning and development. But which innovations are best for the learner’s moment of need? Which innovations are best for the organization’s end goal or learning challenges?

GP Strategies actively researches innovations, using an evidence-based process to create and capture the right innovations that have real impact on business goals.

5-Step Innovation Process

GP Strategies uses a 5-Step Innovation Process to help organizations harness new, disruptive technologies and innovations:

  • DISCOVERY | Look at the business, organization, and industry for ideas, inspirations, technologies, pain points,
    and trends.
  • REFINEMENT | Link the idea, inspiration, pain point, or trend to a business need and hypothesize the impact,
    followed by prioritizing efforts.
  • EXPERIMENT | Design an approach to experiment, test, and learn.
  • REFLECT AND SHARE | Reflect on what was learned, questions answered, potential applications, and share across
    the organization.
  • INTEGRATE | Progress viable innovations from concept to relevant business practices.

Bringing Innovation to You: Establishing a Dedicated Innovation Center

GP Strategies partners with organizations to create physical and virtual Innovation Centers where learning and development teams can explore, innovate, pilot, and refine without disrupting critical day-to-day activities. If you are curious and want to work with emerging methodologies, technologies, platforms, and approaches, we can help you make the space without compromising the needs of the business.

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