Learning Experience Transformation and Technology Solutions

Learning Technology and Organization Transformations

In an increasingly digital world with evolving online learning and social platforms, bots, artificial intelligence, and more, how do organizations vet and select the right learning technologies to purchase? Learning platforms and technologies must be intuitive, foster collaboration and curiosity, provide just-in-time support, and encourage people to come back for more opportunities to learn. But even after a technology is selected, what is the best method to implement, integrate, and use it effectively?

GP Strategies has experience answering these questions and the power to help as you shift your learning organization to the future, decide the best technologies based on your learner ecosystem, and then make it a reality.

Emerging Technologies and Analytics

Digital Learning Content Management Systems and Services

While learning assets and training content are becoming more accessible, they are often provided through disparate platforms and usually lack relevance. GP Strategies can help you develop a progressive plan to enhance the user experience. Using technology as the enabler, we can assess your content management needs and offer a comprehensive solution to streamline and integrate your platforms.

Performance Analytics

Demonstrating the knowledge gain, behavioral change, and business impact of training is essential to the success of any learning organization. We can help you collect and analyze the right data and offer critical insights. We can measure, diagnose, and optimize your learning experiences with evidence-based solutions. By synthesizing the data into visual dashboards, we can align learning to your goals.

Designing Innovative Learning Experiences

Harnessing Innovation, Disruption, and Trends

How do you address disruption in the least disruptive manner? GP Strategies helps organizations create a physical or virtual space where a learning team can explore, innovate, and refine without disrupting critical day-to- day activities. Innovation centers establish a clearly defined, sustainable, and repeatable approach while creating a safe place to pilot and try out emerging methodologies, technologies, platforms, and approaches without compromising business activities.

Design Thinking

Know your learner. Know the challenge. Take action. GP Strategies crafts training programs, learning experiences, and development initiatives with a design thinking approach that enables positive outcomes by putting the learner at the center of interventions.

Enabling Technologies

People desire to learn not only in a classroom setting, but also through on-the-job experiences and on-demand applications. GP Strategies has a wide range of solutions that can be combined to create an effective and relevant learning experience for an increasingly global workforce. From augmented and virtual reality experiences, gamification, and micro-learning, to deployable cloud technology for cataloging, tracking, and reporting, GP Strategies invests in a large array of methodologies and technologies so you don’t have to.

Connect With GP Strategies

Whether you’re looking at enhancing an existing program or developing a more comprehensive training solution, we’ll work with you to ensure your learning programs overcome business challenges and create a truly innovative learner experience.

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