Learning Management System Health Check

Learning Management System Health Check

For many organizations, the challenge of achieving a best-in-class learning management infrastructure represents a journey rather than a destination. This is particularly true in today’s modern business landscape where rapidly evolving SaaS technologies and consistently shifting business requirements challenge HR organizations to continually evolve in order to keep pace with this near constant change.

At GP Strategies we believe that the success of a learning management solution isn’t determined at go-live but, rather, is decided by an organization’s ability to continually realize value from the solution. It is with this belief in mind that we created the GP Strategies Learning Management System (LMS) Health Check methodology. This solution provides organizations of all shapes and sizes with a repeatable process to address current-state issues, refine existing processes and configurations, and ensure that your LMS is optimized to meet long-term requirements.

Who Should Consider a System Health Check?

Whether resolving existing high-priority issues or simply improving upon past successes, there are many scenarios where an LMS Health Check can add substantial value to your learning strategy deployment. Some of the most common examples include the following:

  • Your team has a growing list of issues that you can’t seem to resolve with existing support.
  • Organizational restructuring or other major changes have led to new system requirements.
  • Staff turnover has taken place, and you want to reevaluate existing configurations and processes.
  • Quarterly upgrades haven’t been activated, and you’re not sure where to begin.
  • Business processes need to be changed and/or are redesigned.
  • You want to enable previously unused functionality but are unsure what options are available and what their impact may be.
  • Manual processes still exist that you would like to automate.

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