Oil and Gas Statement of Capabilities

Some challenges in the Oil and Gas industry hinge upon the decisions of outside forces, requiring responsive action on your part. These include changing safety requirements, industry regulations, environmental demands, workforce retirements and the influx of perpetual sophisticated technologies.

Strengthen Your Workforce

But maintaining a workforce that can adapt nimbly to these challenges, as well as equipment reliability issues and the ever- increasing need for performance efficiencies, is entirely within your control.

The greatest challenge your organization faces doesn’t come from competition or industry regulations. It comes in the form of creating and managing processes, competencies and workers who are able to seamlessly adapt and perform in the face of a constantly changing regulatory, technological and competitive environment. As trite as it may sound, the key really does lie within your people. That’s where GP Strategies comes in. We’ve been in the business of building workforce competencies and performance for the process industries since 1966. We can help you build and maintain a high performance culture focused on mastering competencies, improving productivity, optimizing safety, reducing waste, conserving costs and delivering on the promise of continual improvement. One thing that our clients in every industry can agree on—GP Strategies delivers powerful results. With GP Strategies’ training solutions, operators’ competency levels typically double from 30-35 percent to 60-70 percent—at a remarkably quick pace. GP Strategies’ learning solutions address performance concerns throughout your enterprise, from bringing new operators rapidly up to speed to augmenting the leadership skills of your managers.

Great training is multi-dimensional

Our approach to industrial training is unique in its depth, breadth and vision. It’s designed to improve employee proficiency through both proven methodologies and forward-looking approaches that rapidly accommodate the emergence of leading edge training technologies. We understand that great training is multi-dimensional—transforming not only employees, but also the processes they use and the environments they work in.

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