Operational Excellence

GP Strategies’ Operational Excellence platform was developed together with our clients and leverages decades of domain expertise. We understand performance from a client’s perspective — a unique differentiator that we can bring to your organization. That’s why 30% of Fortune 500 and Global 500 companies count on us as their trusted advisor.

Read our brochure to learn about our approach to Operational Excellence.

Operational Excellence Model

Our systematic model considers key areas critical to all organizations: Risk Management and Compliance, Growth and Sustainability, Organizational Development, and Cost Optimization. Read more.

Operational Excellence Model

Standards of Excellence

Our industry-leading Operational Excellence Assessment solutions, powered by GPiLEARN+, consider 33 areas critical to an organization’s overall success and quickly isolates areas where immediate improvements can be made, while also uncovering longer term opportunities.

Taking a Holistic Approach

Read our blog post on taking a holistic approach to operational excellence consulting. This post details the four stages of Plan, Do, Check, Act established in the Deming Cycle and adds to that cycle multiple elements often overlooked.

Success hinges on an organization’s ability to adapt quickly, remain profitable, and manage risk. By taking a holistic view of organizational performance, deploying sustainable interventions that create true impact, and empowering a culture of continuous improvement, your organization will be nimble enough to overcome any challenge.

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