Operator Asset Care

Build an operator-driven reliability culture with custom training.  Equipment reliability and defect elimination are at the top of every manufacturer’s wish list. And they’re not so hard to achieve. If you have the right partner, that is.   GP Strategies has over 50 years of experience providing training to organizations around the globe—operator training  is one of our areas of specialization. Our custom Operator Asset Care (OAC) programs deliver sustainable changes that result in:

Rapid transformation. We empower workers to achieve changes in days that normally take months.

Transfer of knowledge. We won’t make you dependent on us after training is delivered. We train your OAC Champions to sustain change within your organization.

Total empowerment. Your people affect their own improvements. We don’t do it to them or for them. They do it for themselves, creating local ownership and pride.

Our custom OAC training will help you:

  • Build an operator-driven reliability culture
  • Eliminate and prevent defects
  • Strengthen frontline reliability
  • Provide a toolkit for shop floor application and fieldwork
  • Plan and sustain Operator Asset Care


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