Operational Excellence – Lean/Six Sigma Curriculum

GP Strategies™ Operational Excellence Practice offers consulting, training, coaching, and hands-on implementation services. We help your organization and supply chain design and deploy initiatives with the right mix of Lean, Six Sigma, Reliability Excellence, and management systems that achieve dramatic results and sustain change.

When you select us for your training, you receive:

  • Training from practitioners and implementers who are also skilled trainers
  • Courses designed with your learning objectives in mind, using professional instructional system design combined with our subject-matter expertise

You can select a course in any Operational Excellence discipline: Lean, Six Sigma, Lean Sigma, and Reliability Excellence. Each course includes key points about philosophy and management systems that will help you
understand how to integrate the disciplines into your operations to ensure sustainability.

You can obtain most of the courses in a format that works best for you:

  • Off-the-shelf
    Select our standard training if a generic course suits your needs.
  • Customized
    GP Strategies can make minor modifications to better fit your organization’s existing terminology and culture (which we can do quickly and cost effectively), or you can ask us to develop a truly custom curriculum.
  • On-site or public format
    Arrange for an on-site instructor or visit our website to review our schedule of events
  • eLearning
    For certain courses, you can select elearning or a blended solution of elearning, instructor-led training, and coaching.

What sets GP Strategies apart is our drive to help you create the business operating system that sustains your continuous improvement culture. We start by helping you select the right mix of disciplines, including Lean, Six Sigma, and Reliability Excellence to improve operations. Many organizations develop pockets of excellence that focus only on learner capabilities or areas of application. GP Strategies reaches for the entire organization by defining the system, processes, and support mechanisms that go beyond short-term or project-based return on investment to achieve world-class operational excellence. GP Strategies courses weave sustainability factors into the training.

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