Process Controls Training Station

The GP Strategies® Process Controls Training Station is designed to introduce maintenance personnel to the fundamentals of process instrumentation and process controls. The station features a process system that uses water to maintain either a tank level or a flow rate based on the instrumentation being employed.

Process controls fundamentals are taught and demonstrated on this unit to emphasize proportional, integral, and derivative action (PID) using an industrially rated HMI and programmable logic controller (PLC).

A pneumatic control valve is manipulated via the controller in order to maintain the system’s process variable within required control bands. The pump is controlled through a variable frequency drive, which communicates with the HMI and PLC to offer PID control through frequency control, not pneumatic control, of the valve.

This process control training system features HART-compatible SMART transmitters, ensuring industry standards are maintained.

Equipment Requirements

  • 110V single phase power
  • Water source
  • Minimum of 30-pound air source for instrument and control loops

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