Railway Learning & Development Solutions

Get your organization on track with current Title 49 CFR compliance, while growing your critical resources!

As a railway professional, you understand the railway industry operates in a highly regulated and complex environment. The industry is currently challenged by increased regulations and a shortage of skilled workers due to growth and a retiring workforce. As a result, you need targeted, cost-effective training solutions in order to meet today’s compliance, staffing, and safety requirements. At GP Strategies, we have the experience and capabilities to provide the right measure of training support so that you can continue to develop the following roles that are critical to the success of your organization:

  • Conductors
  • Engineers
  • Craft Skills Training
  • Supply Chain and Support Personnel
  • Maintenance and Reliability Training
  • Mechanical Inspectors
  • Safety Inspectors
  • Leadership

Whether your needs require a single course, complex courseware, or multilayered curriculum, GP Strategies has you covered with innovative railway learning and development solutions.

Blended solutions for a training program that drives results.
You’re not interested in training simply for the sake of training. You want impactful solutions that address the specific needs of your organizational requirements, deliver value for your training dollar, and produce bottom-line results. Our blended training model is a product of 50 years of on-site operational and maintenance training experience. It is based on a progression system of four major levels, each tailored to address the needs of different competency levels. Because our solutions leverage the power of hands-on training and structured on-the-job training (OJT), they are also compliant with current Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) regulations and goals for railway training programs.

For more information on how to develop your critical resources and refine your training programs to meet FRA requirements, please download our brochure, or e-mail us at

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