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Capturing and analyzing report data is critical in today’s environment to drive better decision-making. GP Strategies® understands that an organization’s reporting needs can be complex and have unique requirements. Often out-of-the-box (OBB) reports are not sufficient, and a solution that also addresses creating new reports, modifying existing reports, and providing specialized training on reporting tools is needed.

To ensure our clients’ reporting needs are fully met, GP Strategies provides a variety of report service offerings to choose from.

Reporting Support

GP Strategies can provide the following support to clients that submit a list of existing reports to be evaluated.

  • Analyze existing reports
  • Define required reports (future state)
  • Build new reports

GP Strategies provides the following elements as part of reporting support:

  • Report workshop and gap analysis
  • Standard report generation
  • Report enablement package
  • Report development

Report Workshop and Gap Analysis

GP Strategies provides the following support offering specifically for clients that are migrating to the cloud and need to know that existing reports will be available in their legacy systems after new technology is implemented:

Report Workshop: A one-day workshop is held to review requirements and design of the client’s existing legacy reports that need to be retained and/or new reports that need to be available in the new system. Approximately 10 reports will be reviewed, depending on the complexity of the reports; more or less reports may be examined within the same timeframe. Additional days can be added depending on the number of reports.

Gap Analysis: Subsequent to the workshop, GP Strategies will provide a document detailing the gaps between the report requirements reviewed in the workshop and OOB reports and the level of effort required to create the reports, if necessary.

Standard Report Generation

Most solutions offer a rich variety of reporting tools and standard reports across the suite and are built into each module. As part of the typical implementation, the standard report types are enabled and permissioned for the  implementation; GP Strategies will activate per requested module.

Report Development

In addition to the standard reports and report enablement package, we have the ability to provide additional reporting support to help clients build reports. This service can be scoped and delivered via a separate contract or a change order. During the report workshop and gap analysis activity, GP Strategies will work with the client to determine their custom reporting requirements. We can then provide a more precise number of reports that will be developed and the associated level of effort.


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