SAP® SuccessFactors® – Continuous Change Management

GP Strategies® is a global performance improvement company helping clients streamline their Human Capital Management (HCM) processes based on SAP SuccessFactors. We have over 600 SAP SuccessFactors implementations under our belt. We have been here, there, and everywhere and we understand your situation.


For many reasons, Software as a Service (SaaS) has become the preferred deployment model for Human Resources and Financial systems. Prior to SaaS becoming adopted as a concept, companies were required to buy, build, and maintain their IT infrastructures despite exponential costs and complexities. Prior to this, processes were mainly manual, involving human intervention and supported by rules and hierarchies.

Change management is a continuous process that can be used to:

  • support culture changes
  • set behavior expectations
  • define an HR operating model and organizational change
  • update policies and procedures, implement and deploy technology
  • support stakeholders ANYTIME you ask them to do something different

In a SaaS deployment, change management should be treated as a continuous exercise that is closely tied to application management and quarterly evaluation processes. When you introduce the latest and greatest features or redesign of your processes, you need to give the time, the tools, and the collateral to roll out those changes to their end users. While SAP generally applies a do-no-harm release principle, it is important to be aware of the planned releases. SAP SuccessFactors is updated four times per year: two releases are considered minor releases with smaller incremental adjustments, and two are used for bigger improvements and introduction of new features or modules. Keep track of the release dates—they are announced at least 14 months in advance.

SAP SuccessFactors is designed and built as a pure cloud solution. It has a solid core that allows a high degree of flexibility while supporting the benefits and regular, automated  updates. SAP provides a strong foundation to apply structured application change management, but it does not remove the need for each organization to pay attention to new releases, changes, and capabilities. At GP Strategies, we encourage our clients to foster an agile change management culture around their SuccessFactors solutions because only continued focus on change management will ensure that the system and processes remain relevant and value enhancing.

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