Technical Training Courseware

GP Strategies delivers a proven approach to achieve world-class technical training competencies that are seen in leading organizations. Based on years of on-site training experience, GP Strategies provides the entire spectrum of technical training, from precision maintenance, craft skills, and operator care to operations, reliability, and safety.

Blended Technical Training Courseware

A systematic approach to achieve a highly skilled workforce.

GP Strategies’ training platform, crafted to deliver maximum learning benefits to your workforce, is based on a progression through four competency levels: Foundational, Fundamentals, Applied Fundamentals, and Site Specific. Often, we conduct a customer needs or gap analysis first to recommend the best design, courseware, and delivery to meet each company’s unique needs. However, we also provide off-the-shelf solutions to support organizations that have a structured training program already in place.

Blended Learning Approach

Our blended learning approach combines elements of eLearning, classroom and hands-on training, gamification, coaching and apprenticeship workshops, and more to offer long-term learning impacts with greater flexibility to meet any organization’s needs.

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