Top 10 Reasons to Join GP Strategies

1. Integrity in All Things
At GP Strategies, integrity comes first. In all aspects of work at GP Strategies, honesty and trustworthiness is key. Our customers rely on it, our employees live by it.

2. Creative, Entrepreneurial Environment
Employees are encouraged and rewarded for bringing a creative, individual approach to their work.

3. Friendly, Team Attitude
Through an established mentoring program, project work and GP Strategies’ overall environment, all employees have the support and backing of a cohesive team.

4. Empowerment
GP Strategies’ employees are empowered to act on their own ideas in the execution of day to day and project activities.

5. Wide Variety of Industries/Projects
GP Strategies is involved in an extraordinarily diverse set of industries and projects at locations all over the globe. GP Strategies employees work with Fortune 500 companies and enjoy variety in their project work.

6. GP Strategies’ Learning Climate
We practice what we teach. Corporate University programs, cross-training, and reimbursement for furthering education are enthusiastically promoted throughout the Company.

7. Workplace Flexibility
Flexible hours, business casual dress, telecommuting options, and family-friendly travel schedules are just a few of the many ways GP Strategies makes life better for its employees.

8. Exceptional Compensation and Benefits Packages
GP Strategies believes that people who work hard deserve nothing less than the best in compensation and benefits. Performance-based pay and a complete benefits package prove GP Strategies’ commitment to its employees.

9. Promotion from Within
We want our employees to grow! Employees are the first to be considered for new position openings and promotions. As you grow, so do your career options, all within GP Strategies.

10. GP Strategies’ History
Founded in 1966, GP Strategies is a company that can offer a solid foundation that start-ups, dot coms and small shops can’t. We’re here to stay, and we’re always moving forward.


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