GP Strategies Transformation Services Overview

Enabling People and Organizations to Perform at their Highest Potential

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, organizations are increasingly realizing the intrinsic value of their employees and the role they play in initiative success, productivity, and engagement. We know leaders often have a clear vision of where they want to take their business next. However, a well-defined execution strategy to realize that vision is critical to their success. GP Strategies has more than 50 years’ experience working with organizations to bring their strategies to life. We understand the importance of linking your business systems, processes, and people’s performance to clear and measurable results.

We take a people-centric approach to designing solutions to meet the needs of everyone in your organization from corner-office management to front-line employees.

GP Strategies offers a broad range of services that focus on:

  • Helping leadership fully realize their vision
  • Executing the strategy at pace to deliver intended business results
  • Building a confident and engaged workforce with clear expectations
  • Developing engaging learning experiences that drive the desired outcomes
  • Scaling the right consulting and facilitation resources, at the right time, in the right place across the globe
  • Adoption of enterprise-wide systems (Oracle, SAP, Infor, Workday)

GP Strategies has the power to help you think differently about your organization, all while mapping outcomes to lasting business results.

In today’s ever-changing, fast-paced, and increasingly globalized business landscape, agility and efficiency are key to your competitiveness. GP Strategies (NYSE: GPX) is a global performance improvement company committed to providing flexible, customized learning and development solutions that align to your business, cultural, and regional requirements. With offices throughout North and Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, we are strategically positioned to deliver consistent,transformative, performance-driven services at locations around the world.

Our commitment starts by making sure we are culturally aligned and understand your goals as well as you do. It continues with leveraging our world-class expertise, people, and resources to address your business challenges. And, throughout, it includes accountability, focus, industry knowledge, unparalleled buying power, and the level of service that inspires long-term partnerships.

Most of our competitors don’t concentrate their efforts purely on learning development, which is why we excel in this space. Since 1966, our goal has remained constant—to measurably improve organizational performance and competitiveness through the integration of people, processes, and technologies. Our services and industry knowledge are proven. Our quality and performance are recognized with industry awards. And our cache of best practices and lessons learned provides a powerful foundation for creating a measurable, ongoing impact on your organization.

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