Case Study

A Slick Engineering Design Plan

Blue Coral-Slick 50: Engineering Solutions for a New Automotive Products Blending Facility

When the Pennzoil-Quaker State Company decided to relocate its Blue Coral-Slick 50 project to Maple Heights, Ohio instead of Baltimore, Maryland as originally planned, significant changes to the facility layout and building configuration were required. GP Strategies was selected to provide engineering services for this new automotive products blending facility.

The GP Strategies Solution

After consultation with the client, GP Strategies went to work, supporting the conceptual facility design and providing process engineering, facility layout, piping design, utility and process equipment specifications, and procurement assistance for the extensive revision of the original design to suit new site conditions and meet project financial constraints.

Project requirements included provision for proper explosion venting and compliance with all applicable building codes, which involved extensive facility optimization to meet aggressive cost and performance goals. GP Strategies also provided process hazards analysis (PHA) facilitation services to the project.

After the design and engineering facets were completed, the GP Strategies team developed operating and maintenance procedures, performed the job and task analysis, and developed the training program for the mixing facility staff.

The Outcome

Funding for the training program was supported by a State of Ohio matching grant to Blue Coral-Slick 50. With GP Strategies conceptual facility design support and process engineering, the Blue Coral-Slick 50 project relocation was successfully carried out.


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