Case Study

Augmenting the Training Needs of a Global Semiconductor OEM

A Case Study in Technical Instruction, Program Management, and Outsourced Curriculum Development Services

Due to high volatility and the rapidly changing demand and level of services required by the ever-evolving nature of the semiconductor industry, this global semiconductor OEM, headquartered in California with over 13,000 employees, sought to find a suitable training partner. The company required technical instruction, program management, and outsourced curriculum development services to augment the needs of their internal Global Technical Training group. For this, they selected GP Strategies.

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The GP Strategies Solution

GP Strategies placed a project team onsite to work directly with the client’s management team to carefully plan workforce requirements and provide the value-added services of managing all elements of the instructors’ performance and development. This approach enabled the client to maintain stable staffing at the first-line supervisor level, again minimizing long-term costs.

GP Strategies assembled a team of onsite program managers, developers, and desktop-publishing professionals to meet the curriculum development needs for the group. This team was augmented during ramp-ups in workload by GP Strategies’ wide array of technical developers. The ability to call on GP Strategies’ flexible resource pool was key to meeting the varying demand levels.

During the same period, GP Strategies established a formal partnership relationship, outsourcing the curriculum development requirements. GP Strategies worked with the client’s staff to develop custom, traditional, and classroom-based curricula and web-based solutions.

The Outcome

GP Strategies was successful in rapidly increasing instructional capacity while minimizing internal resource requirements and still maintaining low, long-term engagement costs. By combining the use of available internal resources and strategic hires, staffing demands were met.

A GP Strategies-developed instructor screening, qualification, and certification process allowed for increased instructional capacity in desired areas of expertise very quickly.

When demand decreased, GP Strategies maintained much of this valued expertise in-house by placing these resources onto other opportunities within GP Strategies’ diverse customer base while still providing the organization with a ready team at the first sign of the next ramp-up in training demand.

Ultimately, the needs of the global semiconductor OEM’s Global Technical Training group were met. In a relationship that spans over 15 years, GP Strategies continues to provide training and documentation staff augmentation services today.

Results at a glance
During GP Strategies’ continued relationship with the client, which has now spanned over 15 years, the demand for services has gone from an all-time high to varying demand levels over the years. GP Strategies continues to provide training and documentation staff augmentation services today.

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