Case Study

Building Frontline Team Leaders at a Large Defense Contracting Company

Organizational change is never easy, and keeping your employees focused on customer performance throughout the change process is a great challenge. When our client separated from its former parent company in 2013, it was clear that exploring different ways to support employees during the transition to a new organizational structure was critical.

The Challenge

When a company changes its fundamental organizational structure, quite a bit changes for its employees. In the case of this large defense contracting company, the separation resulted in two public companies with the idea that each company would hone its focus on certain business segments and remove conflicts of interest to increase each company’s market access. The split resulted in a shift of organizational structure to a matrix organization, representing a significant internal change.

The Solution

To support skill development during this time of change, a leadership development program was designed in 2014 in partnership with BlessingWhite, a division of GP Strategies. The goals of the program were to improve frontline leader skills and build behaviors to effectively lead, engage, develop, and retain employees. A critical focus of the program was to help individuals understand how best to lead in a matrix organization.

The Results

Measurable benefits have been evident in the results gathered from post-program surveys. Of all participants:

  • 87% feel their leadership has been positively influenced by this course
  • 89% are successfully applying the skills they have learned to their jobs
  • Over 90% found each course module relevant to their current role
  • 99% would recommend this course to colleagues

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