Case Study

Closing the Talent Gap

A Custom Maintenance Training Program

One of the world’s largest full-service flooring companies,with around 25,000 employees, was facing a dilemma—a talent gap caused by aging workforce departures and the lack of qualified and skilled replacement workers. With labor resources difficult to find and available resources highly under-skilled, the company realized that a proactive workforce development initiative would be required to sustain current and future business operations. Lacking the internal resources needed to tackle a program of this magnitude, the company turned to GP Strategies.

The GP Strategies Solution

Collaboratively, GP Strategies began laying out the overarching craft skills curriculum outlines detailing the courses, media, and delivery modes. Working with existing in-house materials and customizing proprietary courseware, GP Strategies built an end-to-end training program for the two craft areas that matched the organization’s unique industry needs and equipment concerns.

The curriculum design focused on mechanical and electrical crafts, with emphasis on developing a longer-term career progression process and a curriculum that would address new hires as well as incumbents.

Critically, the design of the program needed to be highly blended and incorporate substantial amounts of hands-on labs and structured on-the-job training (OJT). To achieve this, over 400 web-based training classes were launched.

The hands-on approach was critical, but creative solutions were required to overcome some of the lab challenges. Consequently, labs were designed and built with special considerations:

  • Fully portable lab trainers
  • Dual use (pneumatic/hydraulic or electrical/mechanical)
  • Compact enough for storage in a standard closet.

In addition, GP Strategies and the customer worked together to review, collect, and build labs out of existing plant equipment,which resulted in two primary benefits:

  • Attendees’ hands-on labs replicated real-world plant equipment
  • Substantial dollar savings were achieved

GP Strategies continued in parallel to complete the classroom materials along with lab exercise write-ups. Following the launch of the classroom training, the training center was also fully functional with all lab setups completed.

The Outcome

Initial new hire employee skills and capabilities following completion of the training program resulted in much higher performance capabilities. The complete turnkey approach meant the customer could retain all intellectual property and materials. Today, the company continues to implement this training program without any trailing costs, royalties, or licensing fees, permitting it to internally manage content, revisions, printing, and distribution while increasing efficiency across the enterprise.

Results at a glance
Today, the company continues to implement this training program without any trailing costs, royalties, or licensing fees

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