Case Study

Implementation of Compliance Training Within Blended Learning Programs

For Energy companies, equipment reliability and unit uptime are paramount to delivering electricity to their customers. At leading power companies, blended learning training programs help equip leadership, operations, maintenance, human resources, and other functional areas with the knowledge and skills to make better decisions that lead to that desired reliability and uptime.

The Challenge

Fluctuating fuel prices and environmental constraints have led to many power companies diversifying their generating portfolios to a mixture of coal-fired facilities, combined cycle plants, and renewables. With this new mix of job positions and types of facilities to manage, leading companies are motivated to maximize their return on investment (ROI) within the area of training by seeking cost-effective solutions that can be deployed to their entire fleet. This requires a wide range of courseware that not only covers technologies of the various facilities in the fleet, but also corporate compliance training in the following areas: human resources, soft skills, environmental, and occupational safety & health.

GP Strategies® Solution
Empowering Employees with Knowledge to Achieve Organizational Success

Training is not simply about checking a box; it is ensuring that employees at all levels have access to relevant, continual training that provides with them with the knowledge and skills to make daily decisions that align with company goals and standards. This effort requires dedication from leadership, management, and all employees. At this global power company, engagement at all levels led to focusing on workforce development by means of blended learning programs that included many types of training events, both generic and site specific, all managed within a single platform.

As part of their competitive strategy going forward, this global power company partnered with the GP Strategies’ GPiLEARN+ Learning Management System (LMS) and its associated catalog of over 2,600 courses. This allowed them to cost-effectively provide both technical and compliance training to their employees around the globe. This not only provides a centralized method of
deploying training worldwide, but also allows for development of customized training curricula that can be tracked for each job position at every facility to ensure appropriate courseware is provided to every employee.

Outside of the GPiLEARN+ catalog, the GP Strategies content development team has worked with our global energy client to develop company-specific compliance courses in several different modalities (such as animated video, eLearning course, PDF, etc.) in order to strengthen their offerings to their employees. This solution has effectively solved the challenges at a high level in terms of providing training to a global fleet. In this true training partnership with the company, GP Strategies provides off-the-shelf training courses and serves as content aggregator and developer to meet evolving needs.

Business Impact

This global energy company currently has 5,011 seats on GPiLEARN+. Last year alone, the client averaged 3,361 course completions each month with 2,783 of those being web-based training (WBT).

The impact of GPiLEARN+ on this global powerhouse company includes:

  • Provides a cost effective means for providing fundamentals training for entire global fleet that includes many different technologies and types of employees
  • Reduces the administrative burden of manually tracking training programs
  • Effectively implements site-specific qualifications programs by blending site-specific training items with WBT fundamentals to create centralized location of taking and tracking plant level-training
  • Easily schedule and track instructor led training courses
  • Easily tracks compliance course completions, such as OSHA courses, for audit purposes

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