Case Study

Educational Resources for Bankers Impact Assessment

Client Need
The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) insures bank and savings association deposits to ensure public confidence in the US financial system. The FDIC seeks new ways to increase public awareness and understanding of the deposit insurance rules. Recently, the FDIC designed, developed, and distributed new or updated deposit insurance educational products to the banking community. Based on calls to the FDIC and feedback at deposit insurance training seminars, the FDIC needed to identify new and innovative ways to increase banker acceptance and use of its educational resources at locations where deposit insurance advice is provided.

To address this need, GP Strategies™ worked closely with the FDIC to:

  • Define a strategy for making it as easy as possible for bankers to understand and communicate deposit insurance information.
  • Assess the effectiveness of the current outreach materials.
  • Measure the market penetration of these materials.
  • Identify any needed changes to the materials.
  • Develop recommendations for marketing and distributing outreach materials. To accomplish these goals,
    we created a robust research design plan, conducted a needs assessment that included surveying over
    15,000 people, and analyzed all data collected to produce a Final Recommendations Report for the FDIC.

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