Case Study

Global Investment Bank

The Challenge

This global investment bank had grown extraordinarily fast as a company. During this period of growth, the IT function had to change processes, scale of operation, attitudes about goals of the function, and more. The corporate offices relied on leading-edge technology and systems, so IT had to rescale their platforms to cope with exponential volumes of trading.

The challenge was to:

  • Have technical experts see the bigger picture—to value and practice behaviors that build customer value and resilience
  • Help the company to shift to structures that fit for the future—not just replicate what had worked in the past

GP Strategies Solution 

GP Strategies worked with the global IT function to help modify its processes, creating a stronger customer service focus while growing to an advanced, experienced group. GP Strategies also helped the senior teams become robust and challenge each other, rather than being siloed and competitive. GP Strategies is also working with the bank’s leadership to overcome management style differences across the UK, US, and Asia Pacific. Leadership development emphasizes overcoming communication issues, recognizing and rectifying gender imbalance at the senior level, and diffusing tensions among staff and the way they handle the business offerings they are responsible for.

Business Impact

GP Strategies’ work with the senior teams across the three elements of the IT function has enabled them to move from siloed operations to integrated business activities. They restructured their teams so that there was a sharper connection between the key aspects of their functions. Leaders can now concentrate on business priorities and strategies instead of operational problem-solving.


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