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GP Strategies Completes LNG Trailer Loading Facility for FortisBC

In January, GP Strategies completed the fabrication and construction of a new multimillion-dollar liquefied natural gas (LNG) trailer loading facility at the Mt. Hayes plant owned by FortisBC in Ladysmith, British Columbia. The Mt. Hayes LNG plant is designed to load LNG trailers at 1,100 to 1,500 liters [approximately 264 to 396 gallons] per minute and increases LNG distribution to the province of British Columbia.
“By adding trailer loading capacity to our Mt. Hayes LNG plant, FortisBC is responding to increased market demand for clean-burning LNG,” said Doug Stout, Vice President, Market Development & External Relations at FortisBC. “This enhanced capacity provides our customers with greater certainty that LNG will be available to support their projects.” GP Strategies Completes LNG Trailer Loading Facility for FortisBC
Mike Mackey, VP of GP Strategies’ Alternative Fuels Division, stated, “We are pleased that FortisBC entrusted us to complete this work from design through commissioning. This project is in addition to the 100-plus alternative
fueling projects we have completed in 13 states and four provinces in North America and further demonstrates GP Strategies’ capabilities to deliver world-class solutions to the LNG industry.”

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