Case Study

Improved Productivity and Equipment Availability at an Oil and Gas Facility


One of the largest multinational oil and gas companies with operations including exploration and production, refining, transport, distribution, petrochemicals, power generation, and trading was looking for ways to better control rising costs at their onshore and offshore facilities. Additionally, as their unplanned deferment rates continued to rise, there was a perception that labor productivity was decreasing.

GP Strategies® conducted operational excellence (OE) assessments at several locations, which uncovered the following gaps: little or no maintenance planning and scheduling; lack of transparency between operations, engineering, and maintenance activities; poor utilization of their CMMS; and metrics (KPIs) that had no connection to the overall work management process.

The Challenge

Following the OE assessments and productivity report, the company stakeholders realized changes needed to occur; however, they needed to achieve buy-in from each location. The company needed to determine methods that could refine the overall Maintenance Execution Program in order to realize cost savings and improved efficiency.

GP Strategies Solution

GP Strategies collaborated with the customer to help present reasons for change to their senior management to gain support and sponsorship.
A role-based competency assessment was conducted, which generated clear gaps that needed to be addressed. After the competency assessment, a maintenance execution assessment was conducted that consisted of 24 elements and 130 specifically defined criteria that, when corrected, would place the site as performing at better than industry average.

GP Strategies developed a world-class maintenance-execution process, which covered the following areas:

  • Identifying the gaps
  • Prioritizing
  • Preparing for asset maintenance
  • Determining when to schedule maintenance
  • Executing and closing out the maintenance process
  • Reviewing and improving the maintenance process

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Results at a glance
Production output increased by >18%, or $900k/day
Results at a glance
24% more work is completed with the same workforce
Results at a glance
Preventative maintenance compliance averaged around 85% and is now at >98% in just 9 months

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